Using Actions?

I have been using textures for a while. Some of my favs are Kim Klassen's, Stonehouse Creations and Florabella Textures.

Now, Florabella has come out with an action set that I am just loving!!! It is amazing how it quickly changes the look of pictures, but I a little bit apprehensive about try them. I have this fear of investing in something and then not being able to use them. Has anyone ever used actions? Love to hear if you have and if you like them.

Have a wonderful weekend!


traci said...

good morning sheila. i have the new florabella ones. i like them, but i bring the opacity down a lot. i am not huge on actions. i have been playing with some too this weekend. will post some this week.

Leah C said...

Still trying to work up the courage when it comes to actions! Would love to know how to use them:)

Julie Marie said...

I know absolutely nothing about photo editing!... I know how to fade edge some of my photos, but that's it!... feel free to snatch the "We are not disposable" button off my blog!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tess

Hearts Turned said...

Oh....I have SO much to learn, Sheila! I would love to learn how to be more creative with my photography...maybe a goal for this year!

Thanks for always inspiring me...hope your Sunday is wonderful!