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Faith: A Love Story

February 14, 2011

Our story started when I was 16... he was the trumpet player in the band and I was one of the baton twirlers. We enjoyed dating on and off through out our high school career. He a year older in grade. I don't know remember the exact moment that I thought he would be the one I would eventually marry, but back in my mind it was always there. A high school love story... After he joined the Marine Corpes we got married. When the pastor told us about the high divorce rates, he asked us how we knew that we wouldn't be one of the statistics... My darling husband said "because we have faith". And faith has seen us through some of the happiest and most difficult times, when he was sent to the Gulf War, deaths and every day life. But through it all I have loved this man. My love has grown seeing him become a father to our two children. This year we will celebrate 25 years together. Not all easy years, but we have the faith that it will last through the happy and the sad times. Our faith is as strong as ever!

Love you babe!

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traci said...

another sweet love story. happy valentines day.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

"and they all lived happily ever after" is what comes to mind after reading your post... Happy Valentines Day to you and your sweetheart!... xoxo Julie Marie (and to your two children as well!)

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Isn't love grand? It is so nice to hear a story like yours! Enjoy each other every day! Linda

Victoria said...

I'm just loving reading all these great love stories!!! They're so uplifting in a time of so many broken marriages (my first one included!). You have a good man! Have a lovely Valentine's Day:)

Lynn said...

Beautiful inspiration love story. Your photos are beautiful. You make such a lovely couple. Congratulations on 25 years together. Blessings and Happy Valentines Day.

ramsam said...

The best love stories are the simple ones! Happy Valentines day!

Leah C said...

I have always loved your love story:) So happy & blessed to have been witness to it for more than a decade now:) Here's to another 25 blissful years, dear friends!

Suz said...

Beautiful, Sheila. That is so touching! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, special couple!

Cindy Craine said...

Well of coarse he adores you, you can twirl a baton! How many girls can say that besides you and me? Very few! Bless you for being married into the armed forces. It's a hard but rewarding life. Best wishes to you both-cindy

Shirley said...

If marriage was easy I'm sure everyone would still be together. Faith is truly a big part in the picture, but true love also has a lot to do with it. Commitment to our vow's also make a difference..guess us long married couples really paid attention..
Have a Happy Valentine's Day..
Yours sincerely,

A Vintage Chic said...

How beautiful, Sheila! What a wonderful story of love and faith--loved seeing all your photos, too.

Wishing you and your sweetheart a most wonderful Valentine's Day!


Daniella said...

Wonderful story! Love how it is a pictorial look at your love!
Thanks for sharing!

Sandy Michelle said...

What a sweet story! I hope you had a great V Day :)


Karen Valentine said...

I loved seeing the pictures of you too!!!! It's so nice to hear so many great stories of ever lasting love!! Thanks for joining the party!