Good Stuff & Good Stuff Challenge

Recently Ken's "Mom", who raised him after her parents died, gifted us with good stuff from Ken's childhood. The rooster trivet that he had made as a child... and then this beautiful art piece of him as a child. The artist didn't sign their work, so we often wonder who actually made this for his "Mom" and when it was made. Each of these priceless treasures, each having a special place now in our home... the Good Stuff.

I am joining Karla and her "Using the Good Stuff!" Challenge. If you are like me, and I hope so many crafters and artists out there are, you tend to hoard the good stuff and not use it until that perfect moment. As you wait for the most perfect moment, you continue to collect more beautiful things that never get used...

I will be taking this challenge and using my good stuff... Won't you?

Have a blessed day dear friends.


traci said...

those are so precious. that is the stuff to hang on too.

Leah C said...

The best kind of stuff:) Do you think Ken knew when he made that rooster trivet that someday he'd marry a gal who loves roosters & hens?!! said...

I can't wait to see what you make!

Cheryl said...

What great treasures you were given. I really hate to see things at yard sales that hold such importance-- and there they lay tossed out like trash. I wonder where all my "stuff" will end up when I go... probably a yard sale lol

Suz said...

Those gifts are so special! They have deep meaning and are really 'the good stuff."

I am joining the challenge, too. I have so many things that are just waiting and waiting to be used. It's time!

Your little giftie will be coming soon!


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

hi..can we exchange link..i hope you can add my blog to your blog list..i'll be happy for that..thanks.. said...

The special things we've been gifted with from our families are the best!

Heirlooms(seems too stuffy a word), are meant to be loved, used and passed down.

Abt. 20 years ago, my Dad made a solid cherry dropleaf table, it sat in my parents'sunny livingroom window, the stain bleached in the sun and when they moved to Florida I was given this awesome table!

I remember Dad saying my husband could restain it back to it's original color and I said, "no way, it's part of the table's history"! Now that Dad is gone, I am reminded of him every day as we use and cherish his amazing gift.


aimee said...

such sweet treasures.