Cherished Collection

A collection of spoons from Ken's mom that was given to him. Most of them souvenir spoons. For years we didn't know what to do with them, so we kept them wrapped up in his box of memories. Then a friend of mine gave me this piece of wood and they just fit perfectly. With the help of some small tacks, I tacked each piece of jute on then tied the spoons on.
Now they hang in our house as a memory of his mom. We would love to know the story behind each one and what it meant to her. For now we can only guess and cherish these spoons as they are a precious piece of his mom.

Have a wonderful day dear friends!


Julie Marie said...

Hi Sheila, oooh I love your treasured spoons and how you have displayed them!... what precious memories they must carry... and that is just so cute how you tied them and hung them up... I have some souvenir spoons my nieces have brought me from their travels and would love to make a display like that!... also, I am excited for my special ordered Farm journal!... xoxo Julie Marie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Sheila, I love how you have displayed these treasured souvenior spoons. The patina of the wood and the silver go together so beautifully. I collect spoons and used to have them hanging in the dining area but they kept falling so now I just have them on a shelf sitting in vintage creamer and sugar cups. This is such a great idea but I would need a really, really, really long piece of wood to hang all of mine! :) Sending hugs your way, Tammy

Jan Hennings said...

Love this and so unique!