Priceless Photos

As I reflect on my DH's life, it has been filled with so much sorrow, especially as a child growing up. By the time he was 7 his loving, beautiful mom passed away. The morning he was told of her death, it wasn’t his father who told him it was a relative since his father had suffered a heart attack when he found her. He moved from his home in California to Montana, where his father’s family lived. By the time he was 9, God called his father home. He was then asked to choose where he wanted to live and chose is mom’s sister, his aunt and her family, and then moved again to Missouri. God had a plan and it was good, as we met, fell in love and married. Having had this tragic beginning and being moved from place to place, we don’t have a lot of pictures or special belonging from his birth parents. Many lost, forgotten or with other relatives. So the few pictures of his family are so very precious to us. I just finished this project that showcases my DH's dad and his family. The first picture shows his dad (the oldest one pictured) and his aunt and uncle. The second picture is his dad as a baby, who later served in the Navy at Pearl Harbor. The last picture is Ken’s paternal great grandparents. Priceless pictures of his family are now displayed in our home.


traci said...

your poor husband. those photos are priceless then. they are beautiful and your project is the perfect way to showcase them.

Leah C said...

Ken lost so much at an early age...more than any child should have to bear...making those photos all the more valuable. I love how you showcase them in the beautiful banner you created:)

Suz said...

What a wonderful thing to do! I have a somewhat similar situation. My mom died when I was eighteen and my father threw away all photos and things she had written in a state of grief. I have some pictures others have given us but they are few and far between. I am touched by the respect you have for your husband's photo's and think this is a wonderful project. You have such sensitivity that you combine with your artistic talent!

Jane said...

What a beautiful way to showcase the photos of your husband's family. He did have too much sorrow at such a young age. How blessed to have found each other and to have created a wonderful life for each other and your children.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Laurie said...

What a wonderful project with such precious memories.