The House that Built Me

Have you heard this song by Miranda Lambert? Every time I hear these lyrics, tears stream down as I remember all the memories of our little house that I grew up in. My sister’s and I lived in the converted attic. The winters were cold and the summers were so hot, that we would push our twin beds together in front of the window to sleep to try to get the little bit of air that would blow in. This little house was our shelter, where love grew and us with it. My parents sold our house after I got married. Every once in a while, I’ll venture down that road and drive by our little house. It still stands and looks very much like what I remember. The memories come streaming out and I am transported back to my childhood, where I find myself. That little girl so full of hopes and dreams, she is still here, just a little older.


Leah C said...

Beautiful post, dear friend:) It's good that you have so many fond memories of "the house that built" you!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Sheila... I have not heard that song, but will find it, I love Miranda Lambert's songs... I too drive past the house I grew up in, and some days just sit out front for a bit and let my thoughts drift back to my childhood... I also shared a room with my little sister, and together we shared so many happy memories there, like you and your sister... I love how you posted that you are really still that little girl, full of hopes and dreams... xoxo Julie Marie

Hope said...

My daughter doesn't have a sister....only a brother. I treasure the time I spent sharing a room with my little sister. There really isn't any thing like a sisters love. Thanks for a beautiful post. Love the soldered house...did you make it?

Kateyed said...

I am fretting becaue I can't get into my last article...about you...and I didn't give you credit under your pictures. I am in the Denver Airport and it won't let me in to correct them. Go read when you get a chance and know that I will correct it ASAP!
Big hugs,

aimee said...

such sweet memories. my parents still live in the house my sisters and I grew up in. when i look out my windows (where i live now) i go back in time also, it feels like im at home on my bed looking out the window watching the birds and planes high in the sky. imagining where the people in the planes are going.

Unknown said...

I love that soldered house! I feel intense emotions every time I drive by my childhood home too.