Be-ing Just Me

My dear friend, Leah posted about herself last week and I thought I would join in...

listening: to the quiet before everyone gets out of bed wishing I could figure out how to get the Sounds of the Season (Christmas) Music on in my DH media room. Note to self: Need another refresher on how to turn on the tv/video/stereo system.

eating: a chocolate chip cookie (yes it is for my breakfast... don't tell me kiddos)

drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper

wearing: comfy pjs

feeling: tired

weather: chilly autumn day

wanting: more time in my day

needing: to do laundry… constant battle

thinking: about Silver Bella

enjoying: my life

wondering: about what door will open up next

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Leah C said...

Isn't it fun...reflect-ing:) And why can't they make remotes/sound sytems that are wife-friendly?!