So Proud

September 2, 2010

To see our girl run her first cross country meet. Knowing how hard she has worked over the past several months, eating right, cutting out sodas and running every day, it was really emotional for me as I witnessed her run a grueling 3.2 mile cross country course this week with a 103˚ heat index. As I watched her finish 4th out of approximately 40 girls, it brought tears to my eyes. She had accomplished so much with determination and drive. I wouldn’t have cared if she finished last as long as she made it across the finish line.

Boo, we are so very proud of you. You have grown into a beautiful, caring young lady that continues to inspire and amaze your parents. We love you so very much.

Love you, Mom & Dad

Leah C said...

Way to go, Janna!

Bettyann said...

Congrats on the hard work !!!

Julie Marie said...

Hi Sheila... congratulations to your beautiful daughter! That is really something to be proud of!... xoxo Julie Marie

Lovey said...

Awesome! What a great accomplishment for her and you guys too!