On Your Mark, Get Set.... Go!

This week is another crazy, busy week here at our household. Days filled with with school and work; nights filled with practices and games. These are the weeks that I crave and long for my home. To be able to create, relax and recharge. But I wouldn't change a thing (except for maybe a few more hours in my day)...I love my children and love supporting them in their school and sports. Here's to a crazy week!!! Let the race begin!!!


Leah C said...

Here's to winning that race:) Have a happy, crazy-busy week!

Sarah said...

I think now is crazy, I can't imagine what it will be like when my boys are in high school! Have a fantastic crazy filled week! At least you know you won't be bored!! ;)

Jane said...

I hope you have a great week. Things are a lot slower in our household now that Alex has left for college. You would think I would have more time to creat but somehow that's not working out!
Love the necklace.