Surrounded by Quiet

There are moments in my life that I yearn for quiet. Not that I don’t love the craziness of having a wonderfully active family…the car pools, school activities, sports activities and basic chatter that comes with having a 15 and 12 year old. After the past several hectic weeks of getting the kiddos ready to go back to school, the school supply shopping, registering and clothes shopping. Today, as they both excitedly went back to school, there was a sense of quiet and calm.

Thank you dear friends for all your heartfelt words regarding our anniversary. It really made us feel special.

Wishing you quiet and calm today.


Julie Marie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie... sorry I wasn't able to drop by yesterday... I agree with you, sometimes we all need our "quiet" time... xoxo Julie Marie PS Love the photos of you and your sweetie!

Leah C said...

Hope the "kiddos" had an awesome first day of school! I have a feeling it's going to be a little "too quiet" in my house tomorrow:)