A New Start

to another school year.... another year of learning, growing and spreading their wings.... Trying not to to hold them so tight that they can't learn to fly, but holding on enough to make sure that they don't fall too hard.

Our 7th grader, all boy... a fierce competitor, loves a challenge, a little shy, still snuggles and loves football, basketball, soccer and baseball.

Our sophmore, all girl... loves clothes, makeup, is sensitive and caring, loves soccer and watching football with her dad.

May you both have a wonderful school year filled with many possibilities, hopes and dreams.

Love you guys!


Sarah said...

I can't wait to be at the point when I am happy my kids are getting older. My youngest started K today and I have been crying buckets since I dropped him off. Where did the time go?

Leah C said...

And so it begins...a new school year for these two bright, funny, beautiful kids:) Hope it's filled with lots of great moments!

Julie Marie said...

Hello Sheila, good luck to your beautiful daughter and handsome son... they are precious and I can sense how very much you love them... my gorgeous "faith" pendant arrived today... thank you so much for making one up for me, and also for the extras you sent me... the earrings are beautiful and I can't wait to wear them... you brightened my day so much! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I have a 7th grader and a sophomore too! My kids don't start school until the middle of September because of Ramadan being so early this year. And they have to wear school uniforms. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy