Cute Peeps

I don't know when I exactly fell in love with chickens... For years, I have decorated my house and my blog with images of chickens and roosters. Cute chicken sayings are scattered around my house, such as "Rise & Shine", "Farm Fresh Eggs" and "My Roost, My Rules".I yearn to raise some chickens and enjoy farm fresh eggs, but living in a subdivision just doesn't allow for these cute little chicks. So for now I can visit my friend, Farmgirl Kelly and get my fix of these cute peeps!


Leah C said...
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Leah C said...

Fresh eggs from a henhouse out back would be yummy:) But, with the "chicks & roosters" you don't have to worry about getting pecked or hearing a 'cock-a-doodle-do' at four in the morning!

Jane said...

Hi Sheila,
Fun pictures of the chickens. Our friends that we visited in England had a chicken coop. I always enjoyed going out in the morning with Jerry and collecting the eggs. Like you said, definitely not something we can do in the burbs :)
Alex's move to college went great. We got him all settled in and his roommate seems to be a nice kid. Only two days of classes under his belt but he seems to like the classes and is adjusting to living away from the comforts of home!
Hope your classes went well this past weekend. Hope to join another one soon.

Bettyann said...

Funny, I am not fussy on having chickens...maybe because my parents raised chickens when I was a job was mucking out the barn...gathering eggs...the hens pecked me..and once I had to help my Grannie slaughter the old I am glad that you like chickens..