Off Auto

Recently I have been experimenting with my dSLR and taking it off auto and adjusting the settings. It is a definite learning curve, but one that I am enjoying. I am getting more courageous as I upload my pictures to see the results. Each step I am taking is bringing me that much closer to a comfort level that I can live with.
These flowers were so easy to capture... they don't move, put their hands up in front of their faces when they don't want their photos taken or make a weird face! On to my next subjects today... ones that move as long as it doesn't rain all day!
Have a great Friday!


Marnie said...

Your photo's are gorgeous lovely flowers,
keep up the good work!;) Have a great weekend.

HI! I'm Tabitha said...

hi Sheila,
i am the same way. I have to play with something for a while for me to understand the in's and out's. I would love for you to come and play in my upcoming swap. Stop by and check it out.

Leah C said...

Good for you...for experimenting more with your camera:) The photos are beautiful!