Fruits of Our Labor

Being the first year that I planted I garden, I didn't realize all the extra work that this little plot of land would take. I have to admit that being as busy as we are, I have been neglectful sometimes. I just hate the weeding part of gardening! But yesterday as I was tending the garden (weed wacking - because I had left it go for so long!) I noticed that my onions were ready to be picked. Just look at them!
I am just so proud that I actually got something to grow that it has renewed my enthusiasm to continue my efforts on gardening. Maybe I'll plant more things next year.
Any suggestions on things that grow without a lot of maintenance?


aimee said...

that is so neat! i love to garden. i use the school i work at to plant veggies. i love to grow tomatoes, and next year id like to try garlic, and potatoes! cant wait. i can smell those onions!

Leah C said...

Wonderful bounty!! Yea, the weeding isn't fun; but look at your harvest! That's gotta feel good:) I keep telling Brett we need to plant a small garden...I think I might have him convinced to try a few things next year;) said...

Herbs like chives and oregano require very little attention. Rhubarb doesn't ask for much, water and mulching in the Autumn. I'm not much of a gardener but these have survived my complete lack of interference! Donna