The Day has Come

When my kids and I, and my dear friend and her children are seeing this.... I can't wait for this evening!!! Go Edward.

I know, I know it seems like I have a crush on Edward. Well I admit it. I am a 43 year old woman with a crush. Yes, my DH knows about it too and just shakes his head and laughs.

Does anyone else share this crush or is it just me???


Crowing Moon said...

hahahaha I think just about every woman wants her own Edward. *sigh*
My daughter is team Jaccob though and I've told her I might just disown her
I'm jealous ;) I want to go see it too. Have fun and enjoy the movie

Leah C said...

Can't wait to see the movie tonight! But, I won't "fight" you for know who my crush is:)

Unknown said...

I have to admit, I think I'm lusting after Jacob because I keep dreaming about him topless..ha,haa!

Sand xox

scrapwordsmom said...

I have a HUGE crush on Edward and thought he was so darling in this film!! I am 43, too:)