Wedding Bells

Saturday night, we met our Dad and Martha for dinner. Exciting news was shared... My Dad (after the loss of my "other" mother to cancer) has found a loving and beautiful woman to spent the rest of his life with. He said it best..."whatever life I have left, I want to spend it with Martha". How romantic! So wedding bells are ringing in the near future!

(look at all the grandkids!)

Congratulations to you both!


Leah C said...

Congratulations to your Dad & lucky they are to have found love again! Wishing them a lot of years together:)

aimee said...

that is so wonderful! they both looks so happy. i wish them the best :) you are an amazing family to welcome her into your family.

Crowing Moon said...

How sweet. Best of luck and health to them :)

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Oh wow! How wonderful to find love and to find someone to share the rest of your Dad's life with.

xoxo Heather