Spread Your Wings

There are moments in my life that I get a reality check. Tonight was one of them. As I was taking some pictures, I asked one of my favorite subjects to pose. As I clicked picture after picture and sat editing them, I realize that my little girl is growing up!
When did it happen? I look at her and see a beautiful young lady just waiting to blossom into the women that she will become... and this Mama wants to hold on tight. But I realize that I need to let her spread her wings and fly.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I keep looking at my 14 year old who is slowly growing taller, and think, how did that happen. And he hasn't even had his major growth spurt yet. After two days of major cleaning, I vegged last nite -- and blogged. Sometimes time like that is very necessary. Your scrapbook for your dads looks fabulous! Have a wonderful Wednesday. :) Tammy

Leah C said...

It's hard to admit that our "babies" are growing up. She is a beautiful young lady, your sweet girl, both inside & out!! I'm so proud to know her, love her, & be called "Aunt Leah" by her:)
P.S. Love this photo...maybe she'd approve it for my refrigerator?!

Denise said...

I feel the same way. And each new chapter brings new and exciting ways for me to share my childrens lives. I thought college would be soooo hard, but I've enjoyed watching my daughter grown and enjoy it all. Your daughter is beautiful...enjoy her. :)

aimee said...

how sweet. i know what your saying. who told them they could grow up? she is beautiful :)

Alina said...

As a mother of two grown children I know exactly how you feel. Never easy to let go but it is a wonderful feeling to see them fly and hopefully follow at least "some" of the things they were taught ;) She is a lovely girl. Enjoy each day!