Rainbow of Friendship

May 27, 2010

Fall is my favorite season and color palette. Most of my house is in mustard yellows, tans, barn reds and navy blues. My artwork tends to pick up those colors too. After I posted my altered tin using my favorite fall colors, my dear friend Leah, drew inspiration from my artwork and completed her own altered tin, in her colors. Just look at all the beautiful details… and creamy white goodness… I just love these gorgeous creamy colors that Leah used and hope to incorporate these lovely colors into my home and artwork. One of the great things about friendship is that, we each are different colors. Some friends are vibrant and outgoing reds, some friends are soft, quiet pinks, others are true blue, but when combined together make a lovely rainbow of friendship. Thank you, Leah and all my friends that make up my beautiful rainbow of friendship. Have a wonderful day dear friends.
Leah C said...

Thank you, dear friend...I'm so happy to be a part of the rainbow! Even though I'm "blushing pink" right now, we'll always be "true blue" pals:)

traci said...

that is beautiful.

sheila, i love all the accents on your blog. i spent lots of time just looking at all those details.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Both are equally amazing -- wonderful! I remember a quote I came across many months ago -- If friendship were a color, you would be my rainbow! Isn't that lovely? Have a fabulous Friday and a super weekend. :) Tammy

Sandy Michelle said...

They're both so beautiful!

Sandy :)