2 Dad's

May 17, 2010

Not too many people are blessed to have 2 Dads. 2 Dads to share our lives with, 2 Dads to guide, protect and provide for us and especially 2 Dads to give and receive hugs from, and 2 Dads to love and be loved by.

This album is a special one that I honor not only my biological Dad, who has been there since birth, but also my 2nd Dad that God gave us when my mom remarried when we were just 3.

I am doubly blessed...

This Dad Album will be available shortly at The Scrappy Gourmet.

Leah C said...

Looks like another super-duper album! The dads will love it:)

Beth Gales said...

Youw ill be busy but what a cool gift!

Kara Ward said...

They are lucky to have you too!

By the way-your blog looks delicious!!!!