Sharing the Delightful Details

While I was visiting Dee, with The Scrappy Gourmet, she turned me on to a book by Lisa Pace...Dee said once she took a peek inside the book, she said it looked just like me. All the vintage looking elements that I make and enjoy... She was definitely right!!! Each page brought more detail, beautiful artwork, techniques and beautiful pictures.
I just had to share this book with you dear friends that share in this love of vintage inspired art. It is a good one!!!


Leah C said...

Okay, now I'll have to get a copy for myself! You won't mind if I tell the dh it was all your fault, will ya;)?

Beth Gales said...

What a great book! THanks!

Jessica Rodarte said...

Love that book!! I'll have to pick up a copy!

Unknown said...

You convinced me! I can't wait to get my hands on it. BTW I am LOVING your blog layout! Sooo cute!