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Mixed Media or Can't Focus?

March 29, 2010

My passion started out in paper arts. First with card making and stamping, then my love of creating beautiful scrapbooks and journals. As I see more techniques out there using so many different mediums, I am drawn to play more... to create in different mediums and just have fun doing it. Jewelry making and soldering has been added to the mix. The one thing that continues to stay pretty constant is the love of creating artwork from vintage inspired pieces and especially using some of these vintage items in my artwork. It makes my heart sing.
Here are just a few class that I taught and will be teaching at the Farmstead Retreats and upcoming show.
We are working on some more artists workshops for this year and can't wait to show you all what we have been planning... New workshops, new teacher and new inspiration. All of this in a backwoods sitting at Farmstead. So would you call me a Mixed Media Artist or just a person that can't focus?
Beth Gales said...

I would call it mixed media because it is all great. A true artist can work in lots of media, so keep it up! Was thinking about soldering myself. wonder if it is hard.

Leah C said...

I would say you are an artist who loves to create...and try new things! Just doing what you love:)

Bettyann said...

I say mixed media I like so many crafts also...keep on to learn soldering next..LOL

awal.ny said...

I am a new blogger and I am blown away by all the creativeness that I have been seeing in the past two weeks. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures.