Feathering Your Nest

Don't you just love when you create something that you totally fall in love with? I have fallen in love with this... This is a class that I will be teaching at the Atelier Spring Retreat at the Farmstead. Each shadowbox is handcrafted by my DH and myself and then painted, distressed and waxed. I will be teaching the technique but due to time constrants with paint drying, each will be done for you.
We will be feathering our nest by adding bits of antique lace, vintage buttons, vintage key, old tintype and vintage bauble for the top. Due to the vintage items used, all class participants will get each component, but will vary due to availablity. We will then be using vintage sheet music and vintage epherma to line our boxes with and then add all our components.
This class is limited due to the vintage items used, so sign up early as the seats are going fast. See more of what's in store at the Aterlier below and visiting Farmstead Lifestyle Events.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I love it too! Lovely music paper and the embellishments are so wonderful. They echo the promise of spring and growth. Many blessings, Tammy

Candy said...

Now where is the Farmstead? What lucky ladies they will be that get to make such a treasure.
I can see why you fell in love...I fell too ;-)

Kateyed said...

I sure can see why you have fallen in love with this. It is stunning and I so wish I lived near where you are teaching.
Hope it all goes well and everyone enjoys making the project as much as I have enjoyed seeing it here.