Dabbling In Jewelry

After attending the Kaari Meng's jewerly class at Silver Bella, I came back inspired to create some jewelry. This is a piece I recently gifted to a dear friend who I am truly inspired by her art. I found an old pearl necklace, an old key and one of Tim Holtz's Artful Metal Tags. I then added some green beads from a necklace of my MaMa's (grandma) to complete it. I wish now that I had made one for myself... Hopefully soon.

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Leah C said...

Hmmm...check my blog tomorrow please...I think you'll get a feeling of deja vu! It's a beautiful, beautiful necklace and I feel truly blessed that you made it for me:) And yes, now you need to make one for YOU!
P.S. The post I'm referring to I wrote last weekend;)