Chicken Style

I really don't know when I started liking chickens and roosters. They aren't very warm and cuddly like teddy bears. Maybe it is because they represent to me a simpler rural country life, that I so long to live but haven't been able to quite get there. I remember when I learned from a church friend of mine that chickens could be very mean, I was shocked. How could these cute little chicks, that I love so much, get so mean? But that didn't stop me from collecting some of these country chicks and having others gift me with them. This is my newest treasure, that I was given for Christmas from my dear friend Leah. I was totally surprised as we had seen this at Rusty Chandelier when we had visited in October. I picked it up and admired it, but passed it by since I was saving all my pretty pennies for Silver Bella. Little did I know that my sweet friend had seen how much I wanted and gotten it that day and then picked it up later.
Thank you Leah, I just love it!! I have already packed some of my crafts in it so when I am sitting watching practice or waiting for it to get over, I can take along my crafts in chicken style.


Leah C said...

You're very welcome, dear friend...I'm so glad you like it:) Can't believe I was able to keep it a surprise! Hope it helps you "hatch" up some pretty new creations;)

Unknown said...

How wonderful to have a friend that knows you so well...a true gift!!

Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your family!!!

Did you get your white Christmas yet?

:) T