Thankful this Day

Today I am thankful...
  • Thankful for my close knit family
  • Thankful for our good health
  • Thankful for you my dear friends
  • Thankful that we live in this great country
  • Thankful for our servicemen and women

Even tho this year we be different without Grams (my other mother), I am so grateful for the time that we had together. I am thankful for all the times spent together scrapbooking and for the long talks, going to the Christmas tree farm the day after Thanksgiving and especially for being my Mom. Miss you Mom!

Wishing you all a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving Day.


Leah C said...

Hoping you & your family will have a Happy Thanksgiving...and, in a way, Grams will still be there:) said...

Its not easy having loved ones absent at the holiday table. What a sweet tribute to her.