It's Beginning to Feel

alot like Christmas... especially after creating those Christmas Cards to Christmas music!
My daughter and I just love listening to Christmas music together. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, it is something that we enjoy doing together. We love this time together. Lately, since it has been so cold, we have been listening to it a lot.
Just last night, I had a rare evening with Janna creating. We played with some Tattered Angels products and listened and sang Christmas carols. It was a great time spent together.
Come and share the Christmas spirit as we create these Christmas Cards on Sunday, Nov 22nd from 1:00 to 2:30 at All About Scrapbooking. Call the store at 816-741-2643. Hope to see you there.


Leah C said...

The cards are beautiful:) And "oh what fun it is" spending time with your daughter!

ODD FOLIES said...

Great to see you too! Love the cards - will see you at Vendor Faire - Craig and I are coming to shop and meet Teresa. Hope you are taking R. Sower's workshop - I really am admirer of her work.

aimee said...

i just love your cards! that is so sweet that you are able to spend time with your daughter and make special memories :)

Unknown said...

Such pretty cards. I love the color combinations, and I especially love that you and your daughter did this together!!