The first weekend in October, was the high school’s homecoming. This year, was even more special as it was Janna’s first Homecoming Dance as a freshman. My DH had taken her out several times looking for that perfect dress and accessories. When she came home, and modeled for me I could already feel the tightening of my chest and started to fight back the tears. Saturday, as she prepared for the dance, I could see the sparkle of excitement in her eyes. I was so thrilled for her and so nervous all at the same time.

Janna arranged for all the girls and boys to come to our house for pictures. As our house filled with excited parents and siblings wanting to capture all the kids on film, and the nervous exchanging of corsages and boutineers , I was happy to see other mom’s and dad’s feeling the exact same way as me. As the some of the parent’s drove the kids to dinner and the dance, I shed a few tears and then anxiously waited for her to come home. Boo, enjoy these fun-filled, care-free high school days, as they will be gone all too soon. We love you and so proud of you! Remember we will always be there for you, no matter what. Love you,

Mom and Dad


Leah C said...

She's a beauty! Hope she had a wonderful time at Homecoming:) Doesn't it seem just like yesterday that we were the ones in high school?!

Cindy Shea said...

What a heartwarming milestone and so nice of you to share it with us! Your daughter is gorgeous and looks oh so tickled to be heading off to her first homecoming dance.

I couldn't help but laugh a little though as her sweet date looked like such an itty, bitty, little boy. Its funny when you look back at the boys you had crushes on in school later on in life and you realize that they were just children! I'm sure your daughter will get a good chuckle herself many years from now. :)

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Sheila! You must have been grinning ear to ear taking these photos!!!

Have a super Thursday!


Alice W. said...

She is so beautiful...I hope she had a great time!