Feeding My Soul

A few weeks ago, I found this lovely site that peaked my creative digital interests. I just loved all the beautiful photos and how she was achieving gorgeous effects with her overlays. The Floral Bella site gives you information on achieving the effects shown on the pictures. I immediately, without giving a second thought, purchased my own set of overlays to experiment with some photos. (For those who know me, this is a small feat unto itself as I don't part with money very easy especially for me.) These photos are from our annual pumpkin patch just last weekend. I have already printed them and and they look spectacular!
I then played with a photo of a my surprise fall bouquet that showed up on my front door a few days ago from my DH. (1,2,3,4)
I so enjoy learning and expanding my creativity. It is what feeds my soul.


Leah C said...

Love the effects...the overlays give the photos that vintage look we love so much! So glad you spent some $$ on yourself for once:)

Unknown said...

How cool! I love the way they look!! I would love to find the time to learn more photo editing, there's just so many great things you can do these days...on my list!

:) T

Natasha Burns said...

These are amazing Sheila! Are you going to put these in the frames that you said you were going to fill around your home?