Happy Birthday Sweetie

To the man that I have loved more than 25 years. (Oh doesn't that sound old?). To the person that encourages me to pursue my dreams, picks me up when I stumble, holds me close and calms my fears. To the wonderful husband, and dad to our children.
Happy Birthday, Sweetie. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. We love you!!


Alice W. said...

Our husband's birthday's are so close! Happy birthday to your sweetie ;) Hope he has a very blessed day!

Stephenie said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!! 25 years really is a long time.. It doen't make you old though.. Hope all is well..

Leah C said...

So, just how old is Ken now? Oh that's right...the same age as me:)
Hope it was a happy, happy birthday!

aimee said...

hope you had the very best birthday! nothing better than family around for such a special day.