15 Years Ago Today

We eagerly were waiting for our first born, this little girl to be born....
Being new to parenthood, I didn't realize the impact that this little girl would have on our lives forever. But for these past 15 years, a piece of my heart walks outside of my body.
We have encouraged you to grow, learn and play. With each new step, each new accomplishment we were there encouraging and cheering on. And with each fall, each heartache we have also been there to comfort you and pick you up.
Last night as you modeled your new homecoming dress and accessories, please know that I was excited for you and a little emotional as I am seeing the beautiful young woman you have become and wanting so hard to hold on to that little girl for just a while longer.
Boo, today as you turn 15, know that Mom and Dad will always be there for you; to help, comfort, guide and cheer you on. We are so very proud of you and all your accomplishments. Happy Birthday, sweetie! We love you!!!!


Leah C said...

Where did she go...that sweet & precocious little five-year-old I once knew? She grew right before my eyes into the sweet & lovely young lady I know & love today:) Happy, Happy 15th Birthday Janna! Love you more...xo

Stephenie said...

Time really does fly by.. My son will be 15 this year to and It makes me really sad..
Your daughter is such a beautiful gir..Happy 15th Janna!!

Unknown said...

Awww, happy birthday to your boo!!

Unknown said...

So sweet...happy 15th to your darling daughter! She's beautiful!!!

:) T

Beth Gales said...

Enjoy every minute! It goes too fast!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday!!
WOW- She looks just like her Mama's childhood photo!!

aimee said...

happy birthday pretty girl! have a sweet day :)

Alice W. said...

Happy Birthday to your girl! Such cute pictures of when she was little...and what a beautiful young woman she has become ;)

shabbyscraps said...

Sheila, your daughter is beautiful, and you can see in her picture what a wonderful spirit she has!
Happy birthday to her!
xoxo, Tiffany