We Interrupt This Family To Bring You

the start of football season. The first week of August brings football tryouts and practices every week night for 2 weeks. It is stressful for this Mom, who loses her DH and son to the grid iron. So I let the laundry pile up a little higher, the dust grows a little deeper and the creating gets put on hold while I go and watch tryouts each night and anxiously wait to hear the news that he made it... Then I breath a sigh of relief and plunge feet first into our Fall schedule of school, soccer and football activities. I am really not ready yet... not ready for my daughter start her first year of high school, not ready for my son to start his first year of middle school and not ready to be on a sports field for 5-6 days per week. I know our life gets pretty hectic, but I wouldn't change it. I love being an active Mom who is involved in her children's activities and I also realize that in only a few short years this will all come to an end. So for now I am soaking in and enjoying every hectic moment and loving my life!


Beth Gales said...

I promise you will miss all those days on fields and yet the quiet peace is a nice change (sometimes!) too. It all goes by in a second....I wish I had savored it more. But I do love kids that are int he 20's now!! Love your style and glad to be introduced to more bloggers from the Blogging for Bliss party!

Leah C said...

We're never quite ready for what life brings us, are we? Just live, love & laugh...and cherish those crazy days:)

aimee said...

good mind set. i remember the practices, games and being team mom. helping the kids with school work and bringing snacks to the field. bringing dinner to the field when my oldest son was in club soccer. not to mention the time at eurgent care. time goes by soooooo fast.

Cindy said...

Hello Sheila
I'm happy to have found your blog through "Blogging for Bliss"...which I just finished reading today! :-) Something about your blog name caught my eye and marked it as one that I wanted to visit...I see we do have things in common! I love vintange and distressed too! And I have a 7 year old starting football for the first time this week...practice starts out 5 days a week. Like you, I'm not sure I'm ready for that change in pace to our lazy summer routine! :-)