Thinking of Jessica

Since Jessica has received my package, I thought I would share all the goodies that I packaged up for her.

I had a great time shopping for Jessica. She enjoys and collects illustrated children's books. When I found this one, I had been to a couple places and still hadn't found just the right book. I just happened to look down and there it was just peaking out from behind other forgotten treasures just waiting to be discovered.

I included some lovely cream buttons and lace edge handkerchief.

I also found some rhinestone buttons that were on Jessica's list. I included a button card, vintage greeting card and rose handkerchief. It looks like someone painted these lovely roses on it.

I also included some vintage trims in whites, creams and pinks along with some vintage flowers and earrings. I so enjoyed picking out all the wonderful goodies to give to Jessica, but more than anything, I have enjoyed getting to know Jessica through this swap. So if you ever have the opportunity to join a swap, do it! It can be so rewarding and fun. It's a great way to get to know another kindred spirit.


Leah C said...

What a bunch of lovely goodies for Jessica! Bet they made her day:)

Jessica Rodarte said...

I loved what you sent me, Sheila. Thank you again. I agree- swaps are a good way of getting to know others with similar interests. :D I'm glad we were paired up.

Kasey said...

what a sweet package.

Unknown said...

Well who wouldn't LOVE to get some vintage cream and rhinestone buttons?! I know I would. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

:) T

Unknown said...

She's so lucky! I love the book and bingo card with trim! I love how swaps bring us together!

BTW this was the first tornado in 48 years.Hope it doesn't start a trend!

Sandy xox

Natasha Burns said...

I love those goodies you sent Jessica! SO sweeet!