Art Gathering

This Saturday, I invited Leah and my sister, Sherri to an Art Gathering. A gathering to nurture our creative souls and reconnected. It was a dream come true for me to finally be able to host this gathering.
We all created heritage canvases with pictures of our ourselves and loved ones. Each unique, each special... just like each of these beautiful ladies are to me and my life.

Then lunch was served and on to finish up our creations.

I created this one for my mom... I hope she likes it (and isn't reading my blog before I give it to her tomorrow!).

It was a lovely day, spent with wonderful friends, creating, sharing, laughing, and reconnecting. It nurtured my creative soul .Thank you Sherri and Leah for sharing this with me. I am so looking forward to the next one.


Anonymous said...

So sweet & I love what yall did.



Leah C said...

No, dear Sheila, thank you! I had so much fun creating art with Sherri & you{my best buddy}. It was a really good time and I think our canvases are beautiful works of art:) xo

Le_Vintage said...

how sweet! lovely little works of art and i'm sure she'll adore all the time and energy and most importantly love that you put into that masterpiece

Le Vintage said...

Shared crafting times are so rewarding!

Unknown said...

What a special, fun time you had together!!

:) T

Natasha Burns said...

What a wonderful day you girls had! So sweet of you to organise it, I love your project you made for you mom!
Say hi to Sherri for me :-)
Oh - and re:Twilight - how cool that you're going to the midnight session of New Moon! I'm going to see it with the friend who got me into it, we're 33 and 39, lol, mixing with the teenage girls, hee hee!!!

Stephenie said...

They are so pretty.. Sounds like lots of fun..Lunch looked so yummy to...Your mom's gonna love it..

Unknown said...

OMG those canvas' are gorgeous! What fun! Your mom will LOVE it!


SL said...

A big thanks for a beautiful day. It was fun giggling, playing and sharing time with you and Leah. Let's do it again real soon! Love you!