What Happens When you Get a New Camera?

You find out that your computer is so full it won't download the new pictures... ARGHHHH!!! So I have been copying pictures to discs and deleting them. The whole 11 months of pictures, 1 vacation, Silver Bella and Christmas! You can't even imagine how many pictures I had.... and I am too embarrassed to say!
I know, I know... I should have my hand slapped for ever keeping that many on my computer and I know that I have been very lucky not to have locked up my computer or worse yet.
My DH came to the rescue today, and came home with an external hard drive to try to help me out and get me up and running.... Hopefully SOON!!


Leah C said...

Silly you! Hope that hard drive holds lots of pictures:)

Unknown said...

My old computer was threatening to crash on me, so I set it aside, full of pictures and got a new computer...I guess I'll get those pictures off of it someday ~blush~

Hi...I'm here via your mention in the book Blogging for Bliss!

Have a wonderful evening!

Kara Ward said...

Same problem. I thought I was the only one with too many photos on my computer!

It' an Evolution said...

I had to buy an external hard drive to transfer my pictures too. I love your new camera...I am envious! I so want a new one.
Hope you are doing well...
just working on my swap with you!!! Learning as I go.
Take care

Unknown said...

I recently got a new camera as well. Gosh darn there's a lot involved with getting a new camera, but oh so worth it!!! Good luck.

:) T

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I'm afraid I'm getting to the over full point too!