New Adventure

I have had my Canon S3IS over a year and I have never taken it off the presets... I go from auto, to portrait, to sport and sometimes - on rare occasions dabble with night mode. But never have a set the Aperture or F Stop until my DH decided to get interested in photography and start taking pictures.... Just look at these pictures... I am in love with my camera all over again. Isn't Snickers cute? He was being so good and just look at those eyes! Now, I am anxiously waiting for the sunlight to be able to explore these new features and learn this new language. Thanks sweetie for opening up a new adventure for me. I would love to know if other fellow bloggers/photographers use these features. If so, sure would love to hear from you on what you find works best!


Alice W. said...

Snickers is adorable! I actually want to learn more about my camera's so much work...but definitely worth it! You have inspired me to go get out that darn manual and start reading!

Barbara Jean said...

What a sweet little darlin'.
Bet she's as fun as she is cute.

thanks for coming by.

blessings on your day,
Barbara Jean

Leah C said...

Snickers is adorable no matter what camera mode you use:) But have fun learning "new" features on your Canon!

Stephenie said...

Your little Snickers is just to darn cute...I just love those pictures of Snickers...I just loooove his coloring...Hope all is well..

Karen Valentine said...

I have a ridiculous amount of photos of my dogs. Who can help themselves? They are all so darn cute! Snickers is one of the cutest poms I've ever seen. (And I've seen a lot working in a dog grooming shop!) I don't stray away from those wonderful presets either. But, I'm always saying one of these days I'm going to take a photography class. That hasn't happened yet. So good for you, venturing into the unknown!!! Maybe someday I will too! LOL!


AliGripp said...

What a cute pooch!! Counting down to Silver Bella!!