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A Love Hate Relationship

July 11, 2009

With Cleaning....
There are moments in our fast and furious world that we live in that many times my house takes the backseat to the kid's activities, family functions, work and just everyday life. I don't always love the process of cleaning, but I always love the results. So today has been designated Cleaning Day in our household and it is feeling good. So you ask why am I on the computer blogging and not getting my work done? It is because we are halfway through and I always break from my cleaning tasks midway to give myself a break... a kind of reward. During this break Ken and I played with our camera again - just love this time together. So I hear the vacuum upstairs better get going.... said...

I know exactly what you mean. Cleaning is my least favorite thing to get started on, but once I do, I am so glad and I have fun making things prettied up.