Sewing Again

After putting down my needle and thread for a while, I have picked it up once more. Throughout my creative journey, the needle and thread have been with me from counted cross stitch
(I really need to get these framed... it has only been 6-7 years ago when I completed them!)
to printed stitchery

and now to another recent watch broach I just finished yesterday.

I love the "freedom" now of all the new stitchery samplers going on in blogland, from Rebecca Sowers, Teresa McFayden, Pam Garrison and Heather Bullard. All are simply gorgeous and give so much inspiration for all those people like me that needed a pattern to create a work of art.

So again I am off to work on some hand sewn treasures. Hope to share some more with you soon.


Karen Valentine said...

Oh Sheila, that watch brooch is so pretty!!!! Oh, and don't feel are not alone. I can't tell you the number of projects that are "not quite finished" that I have all over my house!!!

xoxo Karen

Leah C said...

Love all your stitcheries...but the watch brooch is just fabulous!

It' an Evolution said...

I have just started trying to learn how to stich...we will see how that one goes :)
I love the broach too.
by the way your package is on its way...I hope you enjoy it.

SL said...

I can't believe you don't have those framed. They are so cute!

Sue said...

What beautiful things....I love the hens in a row!!

Stephenie said...

Your stitcheries are just amazing...I looooove the brooch you made..It's sooooo pretty...

Journal Swag said...

I am Sheila too! I know, I have caught the "Sampler bug" too! It's very catchy!! I first caught it from Pam Garrison, but then once I saw the others I really got hooked! I have 3 going at once!! I LOVE your blog!

Hugs from one Sheila to another!

Sheila of Halo Hill