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June 12, 2009

I have been noticing here in blogland some of the gorgeous art bottles that are just popping up, so I decided to give it a try. I so enjoyed this the creative process, when I can just play and enjoy getting my hands dirty. I used a copy of one of my sweet images and added some vintage lace, a used dryer sheet to give some texture to the bottle underneath the lace piece, beeswax and then added the bling - a broken necklace paired with a vintage rhinestone button. My husband couldn't believe that I was saving used dryer sheets... he just shook his head and headed the other direction. What we do for creativity!
I am working on some more art bottles -- this time combining some beeswax, more images and soldering. But my solder gun has finally died on me so I have to purchase another one! Don't you hate it when your creativity is stopped due to broken things or not having enough? That is why my DH says I could open my own store... Oh, well there are worse things I could be doing!
Have a wonderful, creative weekend!
LillySue said...

Very pretty....I have been saving nice bottles to foof up too! I hope to have some to sell in the Etsy shop we are going to open soon.

Leah C said...

Love it! Even if our hubbies don't get it & think we're crazy:)

Christina said...

That is so awesome! Beautiful. I love it! Looks like I need another antiquing trip and get some bottles.

Sandy Michelle said...

I love your bottle!! Let me know if you ever sell some on etsy!! Sorry about the soldering gun!

Sandy xoxo

Stephenie said...

You did such an amazing job on your bottle...It's gorgeous...