Spring Season

I have been creating in my studio and so enjoying it. It is normally done late at night when the school and sports activities are done and most everyone has gone to bed. It is my time to create and enjoy. These past couple weeks our family has been very busy with school and sports activities and family functions, almost too busy! Do you ever get that way? I know I do...
So I am reminding myself today to stop, smell and take notice of this spring season that is upon us.
Wishing you a wonderful day!


Leah C said...

It's so nice that spring has finally sprung! Hugs to you:)

Maisy said...

boy, you are a busy girl.
happy spring to you too girl.
love all the photos of the flowers!

Stephenie said...

What a busy bee!!!! Love the wagon filled with flowers..Just to darn cute..

Barb said...

Oh, I have alwasy wanted a wagon like this and those are my favorite color geraniums.
Thanks for sharing. :)