Great Joy

Last week, I stopped byVintiques and picked up a few treasures that caught my eye. I am totally amazed at what I find that does catch my eye now. If someone would have told me 3-4 years ago that I would be going ga-ga over vintage lace, old books and sheet music I would have just laughed.
Now, I have always had an appreciation of old things, but those antique things usually came with a high price tags - which meant a lot of items were left at the antique store for someone else to take home and enjoy.
I still love the antique furniture, Flow Blue China and Spongeware, but now that my tastes have changed, I can enjoy and find joy in these small vintage treasures that I surround myself with, in my home and life.

My husband doesn't get this facination of mine - not too many people do. When I do find people that totally get this side of me it is like meeting a long lost friend... we seem to speak the same language. I am so glad that these little treasures and the friendships that have grown from this love are such an integral part of my life now. It brings me great joy!


Leah C said...

Isn't it funny {as in interesting} what we call treasures these days?
Looks like you found quite a few 'em!

Sandi said...

Isn't it wonderful to find kindred spirits in the blog world? I also go ga ga over old lace, sheet music, old books etc. Love it all soooo much!
I about jumped for joy when I stopped at a garge sale on Saturday at 3 pm and found two cards of beautiful old wide lace for $1.00 each! I will post pictures of them on my blog tomorrow(if I remember...LOL) I could not believe they were still there! It made my day!!

Stephenie said...

Isn't it funny how are taste change over time..I love all your wonderful treasures you found...They're just amazing..

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Sheila!
I totally understand your addiction! I just wish we had better shops here in Phoenix. Really great old stuff is hard to find. For me it's the old architectural stuff that gets my heart pounding and it is always so expensive. I've been trying to stay away from the few stores that always carry stuff like that. I need all my money to by art supplies these days!!!!


Simply Organized 4 Life said...

These are fabulous finds. I wish I had a store like that close to me. I find comfort in the local thrift shop, but nothing as awesome as what you were able to find. I hope you cherish them.

Your blog is really beautiful.


June said...

Hi Sheila,
It looks like you really do have some treasures there. I too, love old books, snippets of lace and anything chippy. I agree with you about some people just don't get it. I think my sisters think I'm crazy for collecting what they themselves would toss. Your tastes are lovely and so is your blog.

Anonymous said...

Some great finds, good for you....I'm heading out to Antique Town in Adamstown, PA with my girlfriend on May 22...hope I can find some great finds too! said...

That is one reason why blogging is so wonderful, we get it!!

Unknown said...

I can totally relate girlfriend! Not too many people share a love for collecting vintage items- and those who do- speak your language! I love the kewpie you got!

Have a fabulous Mother's Day!!!!

Sandy xox