I Wear Orange

Yesterday, Ken took time out from the polls and went to our school to support Travis, a boy Ken had coached in football, by giving blood and donating to the Child Life Services on the cancer floor of Children's Mercy. Earlier this year, Travis had been diagnosed with childhood leakemia. A parents worse nightmare. Our small community of kids and parents have rallied around he and his family. The good news is he has the type of leakemia that has one of the best sucess rates and he is currently in remission in both his bone marrow and spinal fluids. He and his family have a long road ahead of him, but through the support of their church, community, continued prayer and medical staff, Travis will continue to make strides on becoming well again. Even though yesterday was tough both physically and emotionally for Ken (and me) on many levels, it was made a little brighter by talking with Travis' family and lending our support. Even though, in the end Ken didn't win this election, God continues to bless Ken through his love of coaching kids. I believe prayer is powerful. Please, if you would, take a moment to say a prayer for Travis and his family, I know I did.

And we will be wearing our ORANGE for TRAVIS!

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Stephenie said...

I will pray for Travis and his family...I know that must be so hard on that sweet boy...It's alway nice when something so terrible happens it brings communities together...Sorry Ken didn't win the election..God must have other plans for him..Hope all is well..Thank you for sharing Travis's story.. Also, thanks for such a sweet comment on my blog..