Through My Children's Eyes

March 26, 2009

While in Columbus, OH this past weekend we took the time to go to the Franklin Conservatory as Grandma Candy had told us about the butterfly exhibit. The beautiful gardens along with exploring to find the butterflies took our mind off the reason we were there. It was exciting as we tried to find the butterflies and read about them. I turned over my camera to Connor, so he could take pictures as Janna was just snapping away with her camera. It was wonderful to see both Connor and Janna take an interest in photography. They would ask questions on how to get the best pictures. It was a wonderful time spent together discovering, laughing and learning.
Upon returning home and uploaded the over 200 pictures, these were just a few of my very favorite taken by my children. It is so neat to see through the kids eyes to see what they thought was beautiful. I hope my love for preserving our memories in pictures will be one that they will carry on for a very long time.
Stephenie said...

I just love that butterfly exhibit. You took such pretty pictures. The colors are just amazing...

Alice W. said...

Stunning photographs! And what a joy to share that special time together and learn from each other!