A While Longer

The fresh, crisp spring breezes had me opening our windows and starting to think about decorating for spring. As I was surveying all the things I would have to put up from my winter/Valentine's decorations I saw these...

My mom made them a few years ago for me and they are one of my favorites. Made from vintage, worn quilts and hand sewn with love. Each year after Christmas they grace my antique rocker until the spring when the red and white ones get packed away for the next year. Yet, I am not ready to pack these away... Maybe I'll just leave them out a while longer.


Stephenie said...

Love the pillows your mom made.. I love seeing what people made out of quilts. I just love your photo.
Just love that rocker also... I have my windows open today, nice weather here im Pa.

blessings said...

I don't blame you. I'd want to leave out those yummy pillows too! My mom and I always exchange Valentine gifts. It's our favorite holiday ;) Blessings... Polly