Time Together

This weekend, we took time to craft together just Connor, Janna and myself. It was a wonderful time spent together, just talking, creating and laughing (and of course eating - can't forget that!). Through the years I have learned to give up those papers and embellishments that I have hoarded, when the kids ask if they can use them. They know what these treasures mean to me so they make such meaningful pieces of artwork, so we all can enjoy them. I love seeing their creative process working, it brings me such joy to see them share in something that is so close to my heart. I treasure these times spent together. Thank you Buddy and Boo for spending time together with me, it is the best present that you can give me. Love you guys!


Leah C said...

Looks like a good time:)

Stephenie said...

I bet you all had a great time.... I love spending time with my son.. The time spent together is the best. About a month ago, Andrew helped me paint the kitchen & I always think about the fun we had.

Maisy said...

what a blessing to spend time with the special people in your life.
thanks for letting us in.
happy memories~

Jennifer said...

What a sweet time to spend together. You are sweet to share your lovelies with them. I'm not there yet. My four year would manage to use everything in the must non-conventional ways. Little creativity... so I get her her own stuff. :)