Strength & Comfort

This past week has been very hard for our family. Ken's father, Jim, gave up his long fought battle with cancer.With his dad's death, it brings back all the feelings of Ken's losses in his life. By the tender age of 9, Ken had lost both of his birth parents. His mother from pneumonia and his dad of a heartache. Then he went to live with his Aunt and Uncle, and they became his second set of parents. His new Mom and Dad that would raise him into adulthood. There have been moments when Ken and his parents haven't always seen eye to eye, but there is a love, respect and appreciation that Ken has for them. Jim and Toni took Ken in and gave him a home and a family to love. Shortly after they became guardians to Ken, they moved to Missouri where years later Ken and I met in high school. God had a plan and He brought Ken to me. It breaks my heart to see him go through another loss of a parent. I pray that God continues to give us the strength and to comfort us during this time.


Stephenie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.. I hope Ken is okay, it must be so hard for him I can't even imagine. Thanks for sharing..

Maisy said...

i'm sooo sorry!!
why some people have it hard than others is a great mystery.
you are both lucky to have each other.
God had plans for you two.

Alice W. said...

I am so sorry Sheila. I will definitely keep you in and Ken in my prayers.

Leah C said...

I am deeply sorry for Ken's loss. Losing a parent is more difficult than I imagined.