Snow Dog and NOT

March 2, 2009

Saturday morning we woke up to snow... Snickers, our snow dog, who just loves the snow has been playing for hours out in it the past few days. He makes me laugh as he runs and plays in the snow, biting at it, borrowing in it and just loving every minute of the cold stuff. Now his sister, Tinky, is NOT a snow dog. Her precious paws barely come in contact with it before she wants back in the house. It could be that at only 3 lbs, she doesn't have much fat to keep her warm, or that fact that her tummy touches the snow. Whatever it is, she definitely doesn't want to play in it like her brother, Snickers. I couldn't imagine my life without my dogs, they make me smile and give me great joy...
C Maisy said...

post about dogs are always my favorite. I love my dog sooo much.
i did a post about him a few weeks ago. i am so proud of him.
your dogs are sooo cute. i love their hair!
i'm so happy your dogs bring you so much joy!

Leah C said...

I'm with Tink...snow stinks! {Sorry Snickers}

Stephenie said...

I just love Tinky and Snickers. They are just so cute!!!!! I know how you feel about your dogs, because I couldn't imagine my life without my dogs.