Slumber Party

Welcome all you slumber party goers and happy 46th belated birthday to "The Love of Vintage".
Being a twin growing up I always had a instant slumber party ...
because I never slept alone in my room. At first it was just Sherri and I (please don't ask which one is which - I'm not good at telling) then as Shawna, my next sister down, got big enough she also shared our large bedroom in the converted attic.
It was always so much fun inviting our friends over for a slumber party. Several things were always on the list:
Buttered Popcorn topped with lots of cheddar cheese (to this day my mom still serves popcorn in a metal bowl - isn't it crazy what you remember?)
Soda (It used to the be "Real Thing" - now it is Diet)
Movies (Chick flicks were always the best)
Nail Polish
and of course the phone (for all our other friends (boys) that couldn't come) Shh don't tell Mom!!
Those slumber parties of my childhood are long gone, but I now sleep on an antique iron bed that my DH bought for me when we returned home after Ken's military days were over. We lay underneath the beautiful, hand quilted wedding ring quilt that my mom loving hand pieced together from old reminents from her other quilts and projects she had made. The hand crochet afghan made by my beloved Grandma Jones's yarn stash. For years I didn't put this on by bed because it didn't quite match my quilt, but a few years ago I couldn't bear the thought of not being able to cuddle up with daily, so it now graces my bed year round. It is a wonderful reminder of love of my Grandma and Mom.
And just recently I found one of my first dolls that I had packed away and now display her in my room. As you can tell she was loved a whole lot.
I hope you enjoyed our little slumber party. In the mood for more slumber party fun? Click here for more slumber parties going on in blogland. Thank you for visiting.


The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Sheila,
It is nice to meet you and to join in the party. I love that you mixed the quilt and the afghan on your bed. Those pieces are priceless. Enjoy them always. Please stop by my party!
See you soon.

American Homemaker said...

What a fun posting. It is funny the things you remember about childhood. We always serve microwave popcorn (yuck, but the kids love it) in a big blue tupperware bowl. I even had two so when my ex and I got divorced he took one and I kept one. So I'm sure my kids will grow up and see that bowl and DI or somewhere and remember it as the "popcorn bowl" from growing up.

I love your bed and I too have a Ken in the military!!! :)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Oh, it doesn't matter if it matches...the sentimental-ness is better! Thanks for playing and sharing your post!!!
My fingernails look pretty now ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi :) Nice to meet you :) Lovely post ! I love your bikes !!! and your quilt ! Happy Slumber Party ! You can visit mine if you want :)

Deb said...

Adorable slumber party post! I love that little doll.

Unknown said...

Happy Slumber party. I love that photo, oh I loved bike riding with my sisters and best friend, sigh. I love your Vintage treasures and the quilt on your bed too.

bluemuf said...

Hi Sheila, it's so nice to meet you. You have put together a lovely basket of goodies for the party. I love the quilt and afghan, you will treasure them always. And I'm so glad you found your little doll and now have her on display.


Unknown said...

Your popcorn looks yummy! Thanks for sharing. Sweet dreams, Esther

Betty said...

I love your grandmother's blanket at the bottom of your bed. I think it is the perfect touch!! It was nice to "meet" you today!

Cottage Way of Life said...

How cute are you and your twin sister standing by your bikes? So cute! Love your childhood dolly, too.

Felicia said...

How lucky to have a built in slumber party :) Thanks for sharing your sweet doll and beautiful quilt. I enjoyed my visit.

Monica said...

Love the doll and buttered popcorn with cheddar cheese... and the metal bowl, too!!!

Stephenie said...

What a fun post...I just love your little doll. I loved having slumber parties as a child. Loved all the Junk food... By the way, Love that quilt..

Casii said...

You had me at the diet DP! Wonderful memories you must have. Love your bed!

LiLi M. said...

Hello nice to meet you! I have enjoyed your post because of the warmth of your memories. I love all stuff related with good memories. Keep those always and throw the stuff with bad memories away (or bring it to goodwill). Thanks for sharing!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

So nice to meet you. I love your doll...m..

Rebecca said...

Ohhhhh I love your dolly! Thanks for the coat of fingernail polish! Come by my blog and I'll fix your hair with my pink sponge rollers!!

Back Porch Blessings,

Unknown said...

Love seeing the beautiful wedding ring quilt your mother handcrafted---just beautiful. Glad I stopped by for a visit!

Deanna said...

Oh what a sweet doll! The popcorn looks marvelous!

I think you are the little girl on the left...LOL!

I would love my nails painted. Don't you just love to paint your nails? Feels and looks so girly!

Deanna :D

Unknown said...

I would have LOVED to have a slumber party at your place- growing up! I swear you still look exactly how you did as a child!