Reminders of Sweet Memories

Recently I stopped in two of my favorite antique/vintage stores and found some wonderful treasures. I am truly amazed at what simple things catch my eye. I just love this old straw hat. It so reminds me of warmer days that are just around the corner. I also found some beautiful lace pieces at Vintiques. I so LOVE that store! It is a mixed media artist playground. So many treasures at good prices. I also found the clock face there too.
The little bunny cookie cutter, just jumped in my hands as I was walking around the antique store. Isn't he just cute? He brings back so many memories of baking cookies with my mom. She still has a lot of her metal cookie cutters. It is always a treat at to be able to use them at our Christmas cookie baking day.
As I was showing my DH my new acquired treasures, I got the "Oh, that's nice... whatever makes you happy". I don't think he gets it... but, I know I do and many others out there. Do you have simple treasures that bring you happiness? I would love to know.
Each of these simple treasures are lovely reminders of sweet memories.
Hope your day is special....


Jacque said...

I just bought a straw hat yesterday to hang in my green house, it just made me smile so I know what you mean. I love digging through old paper items with cards and letters. I read them with total respect but always feel a little guilty about the privacy, that is one of the simple things that make me happy.~Jacque

Unknown said...

I love how the bunny cutter just popped into your hands :) I'm always excited when I bring home an old doll that's in need of a new home. Thanks soooo much for the glitters! It was just what I needed to come back with a vengeance :)

Sandy xox

Stephenie said...

What wonderful treasures. I can't wait to see what you do with the straw hat. Those trimmings look so beautiful.
Hope you have a wonderful week.

Alice W. said...

Lovely finds and something out of a magazine! That little bunny cookie cutter is too cute!

SL said...

Enjoyed your treasured finds. The bunnie cookie cutter is a great idea to remember mom and our days of baking. Thanks, sis!