Shabby Miss Jenn has done it again... she came up with another kit that I just had to have.... Little Buckaroos. If you haven't seen her wonderful kit, click on the like above.
This weekend, I took some time and created a layout from pictures of Sherri, my cousin, Chris and I as teenagers riding our horses. It was a carefree time spent on top of our beloved horses. My dad got Sugarfoot for Sherri and I. We spent hours taking riding lessons and grooming Sugarfoot. The love of horses brought our Dad and us together. A few years later, Sugarfoot gave birth to Candy and then to Taffy. On weekends and during our weekly summer trips to our dads, you would always find us with our horses. There is something to be said about a girl and her horse. Thank you Sugarfoot, Candy and Taffy for all the wonderful memories spent at our Dad's.


Maisy said...

You got some talent!!!

SL said...

I loved your layout and the memories you wrote. Yes, those were great times!