Living with Chickens

After Ken and I purchased our first home in 1993, I started collecting chickens. When we re-did our kitchen, I put up a border that had hens sitting on Americana crates. Then as we moved to our other house my collection of chicken things traveled with me and I put them up there. Then when we moved almost 4 hours ago to our current home, my kitchen was decorated with a beautiful rustic watermelon border and matching wallpaper. Knowing that I didn't want to tackle taking down all the wallpaper at first, I lovingly incorporated my chickens throughout my house and started collected watermelons just to fit into our kitchen's decor. Then when we finished our downstairs and I incorporated my collection of chickens in my studio. I have never owned a real life chicken... don't know if I want to, but I still enjoy their beautiful rich colors. This fall we went to the Weston Red Barn Farm and I just had to take photos of these chickens. I don't care if chickens have gone out of style... I still love them and live with them daily.


Stephenie said...

The other day, I was over my customers house and she has chickens. So, when I went to get into my car they all came walking over to me and started to peck my feet. It startled me and I screamed so loud, I chased them away, with my big mouth(HEHE). I just keep laughing about it, only me..I do still like chickens though..
Stephenie said...

I used to raise chickens, and they are a hoot. Ours had free run of the yard and were fun to watch. We never harvested the eggs, because they were all over the place. If I ever did it again, I'd be sure to gather eggs!